Enriched Air Diver

The PADI Enriched Air Diver Speciality course with with Angel-Divers Bulgaria to one of the holiday resort's Saint Vlas, Suny Beach, Nessebar old town, Ravda, Pomorie.The luxury holiday diving center & hotel Tsarevo-Lalov Egrek will introduce you to the basic theory of enriched air dives and the practical consideration of its use,the planning of dives and the use of the Enriched air dive tables and Equivalent Air Depth tables.Available whilst diving or as a dry course and using either computers of tables you will learn how to plan and conduct dives using Enriched Air up to 40% O2.




The PADI Enriched Air Speciality cours with Angel Divers Bulgaria Contents:

Knowledge development,2 practical applications



Open Water Diver or equivalent,Older then 15 years



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