Night Diving

Black Sea Night Diving. Its different down there at night. The first time you descend into the darkness you realize that is it almost a completely different world at night. Either from the shore a night dive is a completely different experience. Even though it sounds a little scary you’ll find that there’s nothing to worry about and that night diving is usually very relaxing diving

What's involved?

After a quick brefing and buddy check,it's off to the sea for your underwater adventure. Most of the fish you see during the day hide away to sleep at night and many that can be found during the day you can see them in the night-time.



+- 2 hours



Night Shore Dive in Black Sea to a max depth of 15m



Scuba diver, Junior Open water, Open water diver ore high level certificate (or qualifying certification from another training organization)



Inclusive full equipments and divemaster

Local Price:45€


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